FJP — FireJail-Profile

A handy command line program to work fast and straightforward with firejail profiles.

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Fjp is a command-line program written in rust, a modern and safe programming language. It allows you to show, edit, compare, disable or remove firejail profiles. And many more features like search, check, sed or merge will come.



Open ~/.config/firejail/firefox.profile in your editor. If it does not exists yet, it is copied form /etc/firejail:

$ fjp edit firefox

Open ~/.config/firejail/firefox.local in your editor:

$ fjp edit firefox.local

Open ~/.config/firejail/firefox.local in nano:

$ EDITOR=nano fjp edit firefox.local

Open ~/.config/firejail/supertuxkart.profile in your editor and discard all change on exit. supertuxkart.profile is copied from /etc/firejail if necessary.

$ fjp edit --tmp supertuxkart.profile


Rename ~/.config/firejail to ~/.config/firejail.disabled in order to make firejail only using profiles from /etc/firejail. And revert it:

$ fjp disable --user
$ fjp enable --user

Show (cat)

Show firefox and all its includes. Actual firefox.local, globals.local, firefox.profile, firefox-common.local, firefox-common.profile

$ fjp cat firefox
# /home/orion/.config/firejail/firefox.profile:
# Firejail profile for firefox
# Description: Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla
# This file is overwritten after every install/update
# Persistent local customizations
include firefox.local
# Persistent global definitions
include pre-globals.local

noblacklist ${HOME}/.cache/mozilla
noblacklist ${HOME}/.mozilla

mkdir ${HOME}/.cache/mozilla/firefox
mkdir ${HOME}/.mozilla
whitelist ${HOME}/.cache/mozilla/firefox
whitelist ${HOME}/.mozilla
. . .


Delete ~/.config/firejail/google-chrome.profile:

$ fjp rm google-chrome


The current stable release is 0.1.0.


For a full and up-to-date changelog see on our GitHub repo.


At the moment there are no packages and you need to compile it yourself.
See (dev) or (stable).